Put Saturday, September 29th on your calendar! 

Join us for a fabulous fundraising event in support of the new Community Food & Wellness Centre. (Don't be a Wet Blanket!) Tell all your friends, practice your Charleston and get ready to have a great time in 1920s style!

What to expect

Invited guests will be greeted by our newly formed Food Bank Ambassadors and the Bees Knees who invited them to join us, they will experience Red Carpet treatment throughout the night.   Attendees will be given a glass of champagne and a professional photographer will be on hand to take photos as they ankle (to walk) down the red carpet.

Next stop is the Speakeasy Room. Here guests will find 1920s inspired appetizers and treats and a dough (cash) bar featuring the most popular giggle waters (alcoholic drinks) of this era. The sounds of the Karl Schwonik trio will fill the air as community comes together to take time to beat one’s gums (idle chatter) and simply enjoy each others company. Be sure to visit the photo booth or hop in one of the many vintage cars on display and take a selfie to create memories of the night.

Had enough hair of the dog (shots of alcohol)? Then hoof (walk) it on over to the Cotton Club, find some seats (rush seating) and hang on for a blow (crazy party). Danny Hooper, Alberta born entertainer, emcee and fundraising auctioneer extraordinaire, will kick off this portion of the evening. Danny will be auctioning off items throughout the night in hopes of the Food Bank making some heavy sugar (a lot of money). There will be a Super Silent Auction where lalapazazas (good sports) can drop some mazuma (money) as well.

So grab your gigolo (dancing partner), leave your alarm clock (chaperone) at home and join us for this unique, private event but make sure you don’t go on a toot (a drinking binge), get balled up (messed up) and pull some hooey (nonsense) or we may have to give you the bum’s rush (eject you from the establishment)!! 

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The Medicine Hat and District Food Bank is leading a project to develop the Community Food & Wellness Centre in Medicine Hat. The Community Food & Wellness Centre will be a place for the entire community to connect, to learn and to share. We will provide community centered programming with community kitchens and education programs teaching people how to plan and prepare less expensive and nutritious meals, as well as other home and family skills.

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about the food bank

The Medicine Hat and District Food Bank believes that hunger exists in the community and that the community has a responsibility to address this food insecurity in a manner ensuring the availability, accessibility and adequacy of food.

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